We are so glad you are wanting to learn more about Enrich Co-op. Here is a little more info about us.

What is a co-op?

A homeschool co-op is a cooperative of like- minded homeschoolers that collectively provide resources to the group which results in a greater educational benefit to the participating families. In order to succeed, ALL members must participate at an expected level. The Board of Directors exists to provide leadership and organization to the group, but the responsibilities of teaching, aiding, set-up/clean-up etc. are shared by all members. So, a co-op is just that- cooperation of all members.

Who can join Enrich?

Enrich does not require potential members to be of the Christian faith to join. However, it’s important for potential members to understand that Christian practices, such as prayer and reading from the Bible, may be part of our weekly program. All members of Enrich, from youngest to oldest, are taught and encouraged to moral lifestyle standards as outlined in the Bible.  All members agree to uphold the Enrich mission statement and statement of faith.  All classes will be taught from a Biblical Worldview.

Mission Statement

Enrich is homeschool families gathering together for encourgement and support.  We do this through weekly enrichment classes in a stuctured and cooperative atmosphere, as well as field trips and other gatherings.

Who We Are

Enrich is an opportunity for homeschool children to participate in academic enrichment, as well as experience healthy friendships in a structured environment. Classes convene at South Shores Christian Church on Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until 11:10 a.m. with children rotating between a one hour class and a one hour open gym. The co-op will meet for two 10-week semesters from September through April. Optional field trips will be scheduled each semester.

Enrich is not a childcare service or preschool and we cannot accommodate daycare children. A parent/guardian is required to remain at the facility and volunteer their time while their child is present. Enrich’s nursery is for children birth to two years old.

Enrich classes are supplemental to what is being taught in the home and are meant for enrichment purposes only. These classes will not complete any curriculum, only enhance them. The instructors do not teach the entire subject matter, but are only enriching and assisting your instruction at home.